I have a lot of writing to do.

A few weeks back, I finally finished the rough (rough) draft of a book I’m currently calling Where Daemons Dare. What is it about, you ask? Well, it has a number of things I appreciate; paramilitary organizations, secret religious orders, betrayal, supernatural forces, bleak and desolate locations, and assertive women with large-calibre assault weapons, oh baby.

In the meantime, resting between drafts so WDD can be fresh when I go back to it for the endless process of rewriting into a coherant thing, I’ve been working on my four-chapter contribution to A Clash of Cocks, the sequel to the award-winning* A Game of Bones. It goes well! There is sex, but there is also pathos and drama. I take my erotic epics seriously, folks. All that saucy historical fiction I read? That’s research.

I’ve also begun the rough draft of a totally different project. I’ll probably put it out under a pen name so it doesn’t taint my eventual Real Author Cred, since it is going to be weird erotica. I understand freaky books about fucking sell pretty well on the Kindle, and I want some of that delicious pervert market.

Then there’s also notes for two entirely unrelated-to-anything-else books sitting on my computer, waiting to be developed into stories and outlines. Busy, busy.

Delta~ :3


~ by Tim H on March 31, 2013.

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