This is a post about tea.

I find myself drinking tea often nowadays, to the point where I want a little china tea pot to steep a couple bags in at once so I can have several cups instead of brewing them all seperately. My english background is presenting, oh no, now I want a tiny garden to putter about in!

I really like how darjeeling has that raisin taste to it. I’m a dirty whore for grape flavours.

Chamomile has an undertaste I can only describe as “nutty”. I understand it’s the actual flowers of a plant instead of random leaves, perhaps this is why!

This box of orange pekoe from Twinings calls it “Ceylon Orange Pekoe” and I always call it “Cylon Orange Peacock” instead. It’s not too bad! Sort of generic, though.

I quite enjoy how Earl Grey is loaded with bergamot. No wonder Captain Picard had an IV drip of this shit, nnnf.

Irish Breakfast is the superior blend to English Breakfast.

That is all!


~ by Tim H on July 15, 2013.

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