Lost & Found

lost and found

Lost and Found is about a man named Marc, a commodities trader from Chicago. He sells chocolate on the exchanges, and uses this gift to pick up chicks. While on a camping trip, Marc is abducted by aliens who, in a fit of irony, wish to sell him as a commodity.

On his adventure, Marc meets a dog named George, a squid named Sque, and a shambling horror named Braouk. Though from different worlds, they become friends and work to escape their captivity.

This book establishes its four main characters well. Each has a distinct voice, and the alien races are nicely varied.

Unfortunately, Foster’s idea of alien names involves a lot of J’s and apostrophes. It gets tiresome.

Is it good or is it ain’t?

It’s good. Most Alan Dean Foster stuff is readable in a light, enjoyable way. Perfect for lazy afternoons.

I wrote this post with the keyboard set to Dvorak. It took most of an hour!

Kill me.


~ by Tim H on June 9, 2013.

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