Gotrek and Felix Double-Bill!

I’ve fallen behind on posting about books as I read them. Couple that with me having so much time on my hands I don’t often feel like reading, and you get a prolonged silence. šŸ˜¦

skavenslayer Skavenslayer is the second book in the Gotrek and Felix series. Look at that goofy pose Felix is in on that cover. That’s the least threatening pose I’ve seen someone in on any cover ever, by Sigmar’s Hammer!

Having read all those Grey Seer Thanquol books, I knew Thanquol runs across Gotrek Gurnisson, the fearsome axe-wielding dwarf Slayer, and Felix Jaegar, his sworn companion who records his adventures and eventual doom. At least once a book, Thanquol would stew over his various defeats by that erstwhile pair, and so of course a book titled Skavenslayer was the perfect place for even more Grey Seer Thanquol action. And it does not disappoint!

Thanquol, you see, is planning a campaign to overrun the human city of Nuln, which is where our heroes have set up shop, first as sewerjacks patrolling the sewers for criminals and mutants, and later as bouncers in a particularly seedy bar. When they stumble across Thanquol’s plot, his brilliant scheming mind decides to manipulate them to crush his enemies in skavendom and inadvertantly spoils his own plans.

Is it good or is it ain’t?

It’s good! I was happy to see Thanquol return (from my point of view) and be just as bitter and suspicious as ever. The book itself feels like a step towards a more cohesive, novel-like narrative than Trollslayer did. It’s still set up like a bunch of short stories, but the stories are all connected by melieu, so it just has more solidity and is easier to follow and get into. A Good Book.


Daemonslayer is the third book in the Gotrek and Felix saga! One day in Nuln, Gotrek receives a letter promising him a great doom. As a Slayer, he is sworn to seek out nigh-impossible challenges so that he may die and reclaim his honour. Felix Jaeger is sworn to follow Gotrek wherever he goes, recording his adventures to craft of them an epic tale so all may remember the name of Gotrek, Son of Gurni!

Hundreds of years earlier, the Chaos Wastes in the north of the world expanded and swallowed the dwarf city of Karag Dum. Only two dwarfs escaped. Borek, the last survivor of Karag Dum, launches an expedition to find the city and recover several lost artefacts of great power, as well as any dwarfs who may still be alive within the city itself after so long.

Suffice to say, that is not so easy a task. And there is also a daemon, as the title implies.

There is also Grey Seer Thanquol. Oh my god, yes.

Is it good or is it ain’t?

It is the best Gotrek and Felix I have read thus far, so yeah, it’s damn good. Daemonslayer is actually structured like a real novel this time! No longer a series of stories, this is a book, full stop. I think what it does so well is taking Felix out of human society. Given that the Empire is a thinly fictionalized version of medieval Europe, it is very familiar and Gotrek is the one who is an outsider. But when Felix is dragged off into dwarfen culture, he becomes a wonderful vehicle to explore a new world which is not very much at all like our own.

Daemonslayer is in turns melancholy and hot-blooded. It treads a nice balance between people talking and people kicking every possible ass.Ā  There are absurd fights and great set-pieces, with hilarious characters cropping up like Snorri, the dim-witted Slayer who only speaks in third-person.

And the final battle in the Hall of Wells? Holy shit.


~ by Tim H on August 22, 2013.

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