Outlining is fun!

Not really. But it kind of is.

I’m working on the outline to a novel I want to write, and the longer it gets, the more I start to give names to people who are in the narrative and start thinking about who they are and what they do. And then I start to think “well, I guess these people need their own scenes, because one guy cannot be in every single scene, this is not one of those books.”

Anyway, I’m using Google Drive to write. I find its comment feature really useful, because I can work on a section and not be exactly happy with it but move on anyway with a little note left for myself that says, for instance, “Make this not shitty.” It helps keep my momentum up, which is probably the most important part of the exercise. As soon as I stop for more than a few seconds to figure out what something should be, I wind up dithering and losing focus. And that’s not good at all. No one benefits when I dick around and start F5’ing GBS, looking for new posts to read. I don’t write and you, noble people, don’t get to someday read that writing I could have been doing.

And then you will have to delay the tributes of money and skulls you will bequeath unto me in rapturous thanks for the heavenly gift of my writing. My work will change the world, like Wyld Stallyns’ music did.

Just you wait. Just you fucking wait. emot-argh


~ by Tim H on August 21, 2013.

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